Activated Carbon purifies and decontaminates

Activated carbon is widely used as an adsorbent in air, water and wastewater treatment. The pores in activated carbon are filled with active sites that have a high affinity for various contaminants.

It's almost like magic

This carbonaceous material is produced by a process of activation in which various sources of char are treated with either steam, gas or chemicals so that the pores are opened and become capable of adsorbing large quantities of various substances.

Activated carbon comes in several forms.

Granular activated carbon is composed of irregular shaped particles formed by milling and/or agglomeration and sieving. Pellets are extruded from activated carbon blended with binders. Powdered activated carbon is made by pulverizing larger irregular particles of activated carbon.

Carbon's got your back.

At Anconaco, we offer several types of activated carbon including GAC in various mesh sizes and using several sources of char including coal, coconut and biomass. Our products include:
  • 4x8 mesh
  • 8x30 mesh
  • 12x40 mesh
  • 20x50 mesh
  • Acid washed
  • Reactivated GAC

We have partnered with various carbon manufacturers to bring their products to your doorstep when you need them. Find the products you need by contacting us.

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